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Sunday, February 1, 2015

Hikerjamz and Crazycritter1966 broadcast a podcast show every weekend for geocachers. They have just relocated from Ohio to Naples Florida in december 2014 and they are looking for listeners on the podcast that can send in their geocaching adventures. 

Geocaching is a worldwide treasure hunt with a Global Positioning System (GPS) unit to find hidden caches all around the world. You can find the podcast at http://www.aftercache.com

Join us and find out more about this exciting adventure and family friendly podcast ! Crazycritter1966 also photographs nature while we cache on. We call it Photocaching !

Sunday, November 9, 2014


Cacheface.social has moved to Facebook as a group page for the geocachers hangout called CacheFace. Check it out and join today! You can post your comments, photos and more. You can add your geocaching friends also! Join today and see if any of your friends are there. I have found a few of mine already! Lots of fun and adventures with geocachers all around the world!

Click on Picture for CacheFace group page

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Hikerjamz/Crazycritter1966-Hikerjamz After-Cache

Listen to Episode 19 as Hikerjamz/Crazycritter1966 (My other half) discuss some of our favorite geocaching adventures and give away a FREE Travel Bug! Click here

Sunday, October 5, 2014

What's in your Geobag ?

Watch the video here with Adam Blevins

Geojunk - Whats in your Geobag ?

Adam, who is from Northern Kentucky started geocaching in 2007 off and on and has recently started getting deeper into it in 2014.
Adam "slackr_" Describes himself as a Father, Adventurer, Idea Fountain, Hack Writer and Student of the Human Condition. He also takes his son along with him, "AJ the Kid" on the geocaching adventures.

Also Adam will be doing an interview with us in the future about some of his finds and stories about geocaching.
Click here to see his YouTube video and enjoy his 
"Whats in your geobag"